Error When Generate Script


Open DBDiff Beta
Error Generating Synchronized Script
OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
at DBDiff.Scintilla.Scintilla.ZeroTerminated(String param) in DBDiff\Scintilla\ScintillaContro.INativeScintilla.cs:line 376
at DBDiff.Scintilla.Scintilla.DBDiff.Scintilla.INativeScintilla.SendMessageDirect(UInt32 msg, VOID NULL, String lParam) in DBDiff\Scintilla\ScintillaContro.INativeScintilla.cs:line 289
at DBDiff.Scintilla.Scintilla.DBDiff.Scintilla.INativeScintilla.SetText(String text) in DBDiff\Scintilla\ScintillaContro.INativeScintilla.cs:line 390
at DBDiff.Scintilla.Scintilla.set_Text(String value) in DBDiff\Scintilla\ScintillaControl.cs:line 1426
at DBDiff.Front.Form1.ProcesarSQL2005() in DBDiff\Front\PrincipalForm.cs:line 125


This error was appear when i compare to DataBase which contain to many differences

any Suggested Help ?
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jspraul wrote Jun 17, 2013 at 4:19 PM

Sorry for the delay on this reply; I appreciate you taking the time to create a CodePlex account to submit this issue!

Step one in attempting to resolve this will be looking into an updated version of the control being used for SQL syntax highlighting. After that I will look into allowing it to be disabled... the whole native code thing already causes hassles for people building from the source.

The only recommendation I have for now is that you try the command line version which should not be using Scintilla.