Exception using SQL 2008


Hi, this is the error report when i try to compare two data bases SQL 2008 (SQL 2008 Express and SQL 2008)

Open DBDiff Beta
Error Loading Source Database (while Reading XML Schema...)
SqlException: Failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime (CLR) v2.0.50727 with HRESULT 0x80070008. You need to restart SQL Server to use CLR integration features.
at DBDiff.Schema.SQLServer.Generates.Generates.GenerateAssemblies.Fill(Database database, String connectionString) in DBDiff.Schema.SQLServer2005\Generates\GenerateAssemblies.cs:line 95
at DBDiff.Schema.SQLServer.Generates.Generates.Generate.Process() in DBDiff.Schema.SQLServer2005\Generates\Generate.cs:line 129
at DBDiff.Front.ProgressForm.ProgressForm_Activated(Object sender, EventArgs e) in DBDiff\Front\ProgressForm.cs:line 89


Thanks !


jspraul wrote Sep 27, 2013 at 5:14 PM

First, thanks for taking the time to create an account here on CodePlex in order to create this issue.

Your best bet at getting around this issue is skipping the comparison of assemblies. Click 'Options' and then uncheck everything under 'Assemblys [sic]' and then uncheck 'Assemblys' and click 'Apply'. This has to be done every time the program is run.

I found the following discussions of potential causes for this error: