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Error running script database, a database to another in SQL Server 2012

Mar 16, 2015 at 1:18 PM
Hi guys.

My problem is this, I have two databases on two different servers in SQL Server 2012 the two, and I'm using indexed views, functions that call that indexed views, full-text catalogs ...

I need to have the same structure in both, I want to change the database 1 and have the changes in the second without creating everything from scratch. I have tried using scripts and tools like db comparer and this tool. And in all the tools that I have used, the error is the same.

You can not use the CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate in the indexed view 'dbo.vwProducts', because it is not indexed.

When I create the script, I select the option to create "full-text catalog", but definitely not create a catalog full text correctly. Is there any option to create a script data respecting the database 2 and also to incorporate "full-text catalog" and other changes? What about full-text catalogs, you can not take another database and put them in another? I do not want to do a full backup, because it would lose the data, would as far as possible, respecting the data and to make structural changes, such as creating a new column, some relationship FK new, etc ...

It is possible to do this with this tool?

Thank you very much in advance. If I give a way I'll let you know.
Mar 17, 2015 at 6:15 AM
This post on StackOverflow contains all the relevant troubleshooting info.

If you've verified that everything is setup correctly on the second server, it is possible that the generated script is broken. You would have to find the relevant portions to verify manually that the normal index is created properly prior to the attempt to create the full-text catalog failing.