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2016-October v1.00.5

Open DBDiff generates a SQL script to update the destination database (older version, eg. production) to match the source database (newer version, eg. development).

Download the latest build.

Enter connection information for the Source Database and Destination Database.

Click the Compare button to generate the SQL script.

Click the Synchronized script tab to view the SQL script.

Click the Update all button to run the SQL script on the destination.

To enable the Compare data button, you must click the Compare button then select the table on the Schema tab, under the Tables folder.

In the DataCompare window, use the buttons on the Source side to update rows on the Destination side, then click Commit to make the changes shown to the Destination side.
  • Update row --> row Copies the data in the row selected on the Source side to row selected on the the Destination side
  • Merge all --> Inserts new rows on the Source side on the Destination side
  • Update row --> Copies the data in the row selected on the Source side to the associated row on the Destination side

Here is the SQL script creating the databases used in this example: opendbdiff_demo.sql

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